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Ketch 22 in the Panama Canal

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Ketch 22 Flying A Staysail

Ketch 22, Freedom 39 Cat Ketch, hull # 22

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Books & Blogs: by and for sailors   Sailing, philosophy, observations. It's all here.   Make yourself a margarita and settle in...



Pictures and more! Ketch 22 In Central America   Follow the trail of the prettiest ketch on the water without ever leaving the comfort of your office.   Click the icon on the left for a pictorial and textual reference guide to a voyage that started in San Francisco, went through the Panama Canal, all the way to Charleston South Carolina.   The skipper decided that was far enough, and he turned around and sailed back through the Canal to Mazatlan, where Ketch 22 sits today.

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Cruising Guide   So you think you wanna sail long distance?   Check out Ketch 22's favorite cruising gear and bring it aboard your boat before you take off.   It's good stuff and surfing is free.   Check it out.

Image Magic

Image Magic

Image Magic   Hang These On Your Wall.   Water scenes, sunsets, Georgia low country, San Francisco Bay, the California coast, and on and on and on...   If you don't see it, ask for it.   Not everything is on the site.

Sailors Myth # 17:   Oak and butter in a Chardonnay is soooo' California and soooo' passe.

Myth Buster # 17:   Yeah. Right.

More myth Busters

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