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Ketch 22 in Mexico and Central America

Photo gallery and journals of the sailing voyages of Ketch 22

Ketch 22 departed for Central American in October of 2007 and didn't return to US waters until March of 2009.   The overall voyage was made in discrete trips, with different crew.   Stops were made in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduran waters of Golfo Fonseca, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.   After leaving the US East coast and ICW, stops were made in the Florida Keys, Havanna, Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, Belize and Guatemala, where Ketch 22 was left at the Monkey Bay Marina for the hurricane season.

There were three crews for the Mexico legs.   The first voyage in Mexican waters was made as part of the Baja Ha Ha Cruisers Rally, from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas .   The crew members were Myself, my wife Naty , Walter Kaelin and Pierre Henry .  

The voyage into the Sea of Cortez and ultimately Mazatlan featured myself and my wife Naty as crew.

The voyage from Mazatlan to Zihuatenejo sailed with myself, Rick Canter and Tom Charron as crew.

The voyage from Zihuatenejo to El Salvador consisted of myself and Rick Canter and John Thompson.   Rick and I subsequently did a road trip via long distance bus to Golfito Costa Rica while John split in northern Costa Rica (Liberia) to join another cruise in Costa Rican waters.

The final voyage on the Pacific Coast of Central America was done in two parts.   The off shore voyages were made with myself and Walter Kaelin as crew, while the more protected voyages (Golfito and Golfo Dulce featured myself and my wife as crew.

The voyage south from Savannah Georgia to Guatemala had several crew members: my daughter Alyson Marlow and my sister Patty (AKA Groover) Marlow started in Savannah.   They left in Fernandina Beach FL, where Rick Thomas joined.   Rick left in Ft. Pierce, where Walter Kaelin and Pierre Henry joined.   Pierre left in Cancun where Rick Cantor came aboard.   Heading south, Walter Kaelin left in Placencia Belize while Rick and myself continued on to Rio Dulce Guatemala.

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Mexico: Ciudad De Mazatlan
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Mexico: Mazatlan to San Blas
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El Salvador
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