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going down

Sadly, Freedom Yachts is no longer in business.   Their power yacht spin-off, Legacy Yachts, has also stopped operations.

Alas. Gary Hoyt's implemented dream is fading.

The Wikipedia page found here does not do justice to the Freedom story.

Freedom Yachts continue to sail on


And here ,

And the Yahoo groups page "Freedom Owners Group"

You will likely have to join the Yahoo group to gain access to the latter.

Freedom Yachts b. 1962, deceased 2008.

A brief synopsis of the marque used to be found here.

Sailors Myth # 1:   Don't bring red wine on-board.   It stains the gelcoat.

Myth Buster # 1:   Hell yes it stains!   Life is short.   Don't deprive yourself of the finer things available because you might have to clean up afterward.

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