"There was only a vague hazy trace where the ocean merged seamlessly into the sky. Adrian wasn't sure what he was seeing. The thought occurred to him that he was hallucinating."


“All proofs rest on premises” - Aristotle

Briefed On Arrival deals with the shadow world of US global intelligence gathering. Recent events regarding the NSA are called into question, demonstrating once again how life mimics art.

An ultra secret government agency is brought into the spotlight when a hacker defeats the layers of firewalls that protect the most secret of secret agencies. When a worm is introduced into the secret government computers that analyze global communications data, the tables are turned on the agencies that collect and decrypt the data. The breach threatens to expose the capabilities of the most capable internet hacking organizations that exist anywhere on the planet.

High tech wunderkind Adrian Humnicki is tasked to follow the digital trail. It's a trail that takes him to China, Israel, Venezuela and North Korea before he runs out of time. The question of 'Who is responsible for the virus?' is left sitting on the table. Who would have the nerve to hacker the hackers?

Created Jan 2017 by Ketch 22 Inc.
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