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    • Dell Inspiron 4xxx Commodity Box featuring:

      • Intel

      • 4GB RAM

      • 685 GB (formatted) Hard Drive

      • Network Specs and UPS:


    • 32 bit Open Suse 42.3 Linux:

      • Linux kernel 3.11.6

      • KDE 5.xx

      • Ext4 file system

      • Apache 2 HTTP Server, v2.2.15-3.7

      • Web Site Page Content; hand coded (no IDE) HTML

    • TESTING:

      • Firefox:

        • Linux kernel

        • Windows XP, 7

    • Internet Explorer:

      • Win 7

      • Win XP

    • Beta Testing:

      • Many thanks to Mr. Rick Thomas for taking the time to review repeatedly, and make many suggestions for error fixes and improvements. Happy b'day Rick. 1/1/1970

        The site was developed and tested first on a Linux box using Mozilla's Firefox.  As of this writing, it works best in that environment,   The underlying hardware doesn't seem to make any difference.   The kind interpretation of MS IE 8, is that it "loosely" adheres to web protocols (html, java etc.)  The early reports coming in from IE 9 have been positive, but I have not targeted my testing at IE 9 yet. 3/20/10

        Exchanged AT&T DSL for Wiline internet.  AT&T speeds (not to exceed) were 1.5Mbs/325Kbs.   Wiline supports (not to exceed) 30Mbs/7.25Mbs.  Also integrated Server Side Includes (with Terry's help and suggestions.   SUSE 11.2, Apache2 HTTP Server, SSI, XBitHack: how lame... 4/9/10

        Conform to W3C HTML 4.0 Transitional Specification, Jul/Aug 2010.

        Official release ( Beaufort, v1.1 ) - Aug 6, 2010.

        Thanks go out to Tom Charron for his comments regarding fonts and Jim Sobolewski for his frittatas recipe.

        Official Release ( Rio Dulce, v1.2 ) - March 2011

        Official Release ( Isla Taboga, v1.3 ) - March 2012

        Official Release (Mazatlan, v2.0 ) - September 2013. This release cooresponds to the release of Briefed On Arrival.

        Official Release (La Paz, v2.1 ) - June 2015. Entire site upgraded to XHTML 1.0.

        Official Release (San Jose CA, v3.0 ) - June 2017. Bug fixes and style change.

        Official Release (Sedona, v3.1 ) - July 2019. Fix HTML errors.

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